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Back in the 90's It all started when we went searching for a Microsoft® FrontPage® webhost. With limited offerings available, we decided to host our own corporate site. Along the way we started hosting for other clients and in March of 1998 CNCWEBNET (now RESPOSIO) was born. Staying focused on mid-sized companies and ecommerce driven web stores we have continued to evolve with the industry. What is BV Commerce Software?

BV Commerce Site Design

By designing the pages (or helping you with your design) of your site in a "engine friendly" manner we improve your site’s chances of top placement. Page design is actually every bit as important as registering the site.

The typical site will be registered to over 1500 search engines and indexes twice per month. With this approach and with page monitoring we keep your site high in the engine listings and always current.

BV Commerce Site Promotion

How will people find you?

At RESPOSIO one of our primary services is site promotion. Site Promotion, for clients who choose it runs year round and changes with the engines.

Once your site is on-line we begin site promotion with a very focused approach.

Why choose RESPOSIO?

With RESPOSIO you get More Bang for Your Buck

Most web hosts don't give you accurate design and promotion information for one simple reason: It uses more bandwidth. (Amount of data transmitted.) At RESPOSIO we have proven it over and over again. With proper design, continuous marketing and promotion, we bring sites from hundreds of hits a month to thousands, and many times, millions.

Whether you want an enterprise wide solution or just to jumpstart your existing site with our promotional talents, at RESPOSIO, we’ll get you started right away, and at a price you can afford.

* RESPOSIO is not directly affiliated with MerchantTribe, we support their e-commerce solution by providing design solutions, custom programming and hosting services for the application. The following are all trademarks of BV Software LLC: BV Commerce, BV Software, BVSoftware.com, BVCommerce.com, BV Software Logo


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Security Center

Checking out? SSL security for your customer's private information is not an option to consider with ecommerce. It is necessary. More information