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Client Experience - A premier supplier of medical products to the medical industry.

To maintain an edge in the ever-increasing medical supply marketplace. The medical industry is very mature on the internet and there is a lot of new competiton that springs up everyday. So the primary goal is to increase the effectiveness of the site's search engine performance.

Solution: reviewed the entire site and structure and implemented a multi-month plan to improve the sites performance in all directions. By specifically addressing content at the product level, catalog level and the overall site design we were able to obtain dramatic improvement in the overall search engine performance.

In under 6 months time the site went from an Alexa rank of 1.6 million to the 130,000 range (lower is better in Alexa). Google results were under 400 pages when we started and is now indexed at over 2000 pages.

Now today, continues to be a leader in their industry and with their constant attention to improvement, we have no doubt that they will continue to be in the future.

  • Architect: RESPOSIO
  • Design Consulting: 9Ball Design
  • Development:, FitsMeDesigns
  • Programming: RESPOSIO
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