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BV Software was founded in 2001 by Marcus McConnell, an eCommerce specialist with experience building shopping cart solutions for international retailers such as EddieBauer.com, Godiva.com and 1-800-Flowers.com. The company designs and develops world class eCommerce solutions that allow businesses of all sizes to deliver a Fortune 500 online experience.

Professional ASP.NET developers know a secret about web stores. You can own world-class shopping cart software without paying tens of thousands of dollars. BV Commerce is the winner of the asp.netPro Reader’s Choice award for best eCommerce solution for three years running and it doesn’t cost a fortune. It's the only cart we use for mid market development with the intent of doing heavy volume.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
BV Commerce makes it easy to create Meta tags and other "search engine food" for your entire store or for individual categories and products. There’s no need to put off the launch of your site until you have all your Meta information gathered. BV Commerce will use store level information automatically until you have time to add more detail. When you know how to use the tools available there isn't a keyword out there you can't nail.

Fault Tolerant Shopping
Internet connections can go down and traffic loads can go up. BV Commerce was designed to gracefully handle unpredictable conditions. Automatically recover shopping carts if a customer accidentally closes their browser. Accept orders even if your credit card gateway is unavailable or your real time shipping provider is experiencing a slow down.

Risk Protection
BV Commerce offers some of the best fraud protection features found in small business shopping cart packages. Screen orders based on IP, Email Address or Domain Name and automatically move them into the "problem order" holder area. Require the 3 or 4 digit security codes for credit cards and automatically verify that the card number matches the card type before the customer places the order.

Order Management at a Glance
View a list of orders on an easy to filter screen. Pick out items that need attention at a glance using our color-coded status buttons. The action drop down list provides quick access to common order tasks.

Content Management
BV Commerce puts you in control of your web site content. You don’t need to pay a web designer for every change. Change your products and categories in real time to meet the demands of the season. Add new pages and change store policies at the click of a button.

Handle Complex Products and Inventory
BV Commerce can easily handle complex catalogs with an unlimited number of product properties, choices, and customer inputs. Assign SKUs and control inventory based on product variations like size and color.

Save Time when Merchandising your Products
Our "smart" categories can display products based on rules that you configure. Create a category that only shows products priced between $10 and $20. Create a category that automatically shows all the products from a vendor or manufacturer.

Flexible Shipping Options
Combine real time shippers like UPS, FedEx and the US Postal Service with non-real time shipping methods like per-product or by-weight tables. Adjust real time shipping quotes automatically to build in your costs before shoppers see the rates.

Source Code and Visual Studio Solutions
If you need to customize BV Commerce or just want some extra peace of mind you can purchase the source code and Visual Studio project files at a very reasonable price. You’re in control of your store at all times.

* RESPOSIO is not directly affiliated with BVSoftware, we support their e-commerce solution by providing design solutions, custom programming and hosting services for the application. The following are all trademarks of BV Software LLC: BV Commerce, BV Software, BVSoftware.com, BVCommerce.com, BV Software Logo


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