High End - .NET Windows Dedicated Servers - Dedicated Server Level TwoClass 2 Dedicated Servers 

There's nothing vitual about these servers.  These are full dedicated servers.

At RESPOSIO we don’t scale out, we scale up! If you’re looking for high end servers on a high end network we can service your needs. We don’t run any cheap Celeron, single CPU, 512mb etc. When you need a dedicated server you need a dedicated server. We provide dedicated servers from one of three facilities and can load balance between facilities providing fault tolerance for clients that want assured 100% uptime.

All dedicated servers require the setup fee and first month/last month deposit at the time of order.


These are not virtual servers, they are not virtual desktops, they are not virtual instances. These are actual dedicated servers.

Dedicated Server Level Two Specs & Hardware

  • Dual Xeon, Dual Core 1300MHZ FSB, 64Bit 4MB/Cache
  • 8GB/DDR2 ECC Ram
  • 1TB Min. RAID5
  • Dual GB Nic's
  • Windows 2K12 STD
  • 8 Static IP’s
  • Remote Power Access
  • 500GB/mo. transfer
  • SQL Server 2012
One Time Setup
Per Month
Single-Dedi Level Two

Other Dedicated Server Plans

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