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A common problem today with traditional marketing is the ability to push the offering or presentation into the sales stage. Marketing departments and advertising agencies specifically tend to think of all things brick and mortar. The web departments are usually given a few pretty pictures and are told to "add this to the website".

Over the last decade most companies at this point understand that their website is another essential tool to augment the primary goal and have at least established a presence. Yet most of these same companies see their web presence as just that, a presence. The other side of the focus coin is ecommerce start-ups, they have a 100% focus on the web and tend to forget the whole traditional marketing process altogether. So which is right?

Clearly two different goals and quite honestly there are a whole lot of companies out there doing just fine with either method. Doing "just fine" has never been one of our goals and regardless of the industry and method used we find that most companies are leaving money on the table every day that goes by. Taking a quote out of the FedEX employees handbook - "anything less than 100% sucks." Bold, yes - a bit harsh, - maybe, but you can't deny the overall ideal behind it. At Resposio it's our marching orders.

The players that dominate year in and year out understand and demand a tight relationship between the two marketing methods.

The heart of Resposio is marketing. In the early days it was all static traditional marketing. Being the web junkies that we are the whole internet thing was just too good to be true and we have embraced it from day one without ever losing the understanding that to really dominate in either category you have to address each method.

Are you doing it right? Is there room for improvement?
That's rhetorical, there's always room for improvement!

Take a minute and give us a call, we can look at what you are doing now and help implement changes that will get past the "doing fine" stage and on to the "doing so well we don't talk about it" stage.


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