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Client Experience - Retailer of paintball gear and accessories

Punishers Paintball Supply was a brick and mortar store that was attempting to be competitive in a huge marketplace dominated by the major sellers. With only 50 indexed pages, their catalog of over 2000 products was ignored by Google for years. Another major problem was speed during the checkout. Users that did find their website and wanted to purchase were quickly frustrated by a 1-2 minute page load during the checkout process.

Resposio, in coordination with the designer, immediately planned an entire site re-build starting with an SEO design. Progress continues with the product catalog, and SmartURL was introduced to aid in the process of indexing.

When was brought over to Resposio with a Alexa rank around 1 million and only 50 pages in Google, now ranges around 150,000 and has over 3200 pages indexed by Google. With the increase in search engine exposure, now enjoys a higher revenue from their e-commerce website than they do from their brick and mortar store.

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