SQL Find and Replace .NET Windows SQL Database Utility

SQL Find and Replace Utility - .NET Windows SQL Database Utilities & Management Tools SQL Find & Replace is a utility made to search and replace content in cells of table columns in a SQL (Sequel) database. This .NET Find and Replace Utility can replace the data in a single cell or a range of cells automating the task of updating your SQL database.

Anyone with a SQL Database:

  • Do a Find And Replace from 1 to 1 million records or more.
  • Safely delete matched content in multiple cells of a SQL table column.

For the seasoned SQL Pro, this program will eliminate the need to write scripts for these types of redundant tasks. Work with multiple SQL databases all over the world from your desktop.

For those of you who are new to SQL, this utility will allow you to safely* find and replace data in your SQL database without the need of running scripts.

Installation Requirements:

SQL Find & Replace requires SQL Server Management Objects, SQL Server 2005 or the SQL Server 2005 client tools installed on your computer. Downloads available here

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