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SightMax Live Chat & MonitoringLive chat and monitoring for your website makes business more affordable. You can truly provide the high level of customer service you've always wanted to without shelling out a ton of dough.

What separates Sightmax from other programs is that the licensing is done by operator, not by sites. So, 1 operator can monitor multiple sites.

Sales / Marketing

More than just a Live Chat tool, SightMax provides information about your users and gives you the opportunity to refine their shopping experience on the spot.

  • Referrer URL / Search Keywords: You can see what search engine and keywords visitors used to find your website.
  • Agent Initiated Chat: Agents can define a list of commonly viewed pages within their website and automatically "Push" customers to those pages.
  • Secure Chats: if you use a "secure" certificate, then SightMax will be secure as long as the chat is taking place on an https:// page.
  • Managed Chat Queues: Definable chat queues (ex. Sales, Support, etc.) give you the ability to assign individual agents to each queue. You may also assign a manager to oversee each group.

Live Chat

Chat with your customers to provide support, sales and help with online purchases. In our opinion it is the best chat program out there to combat customer service nightmares.

Want to see it in action? Watch the SightMax Live Chat Demo.

SightMax - Live chat installed & hosted on YOUR server. ONE TIME purchase. You own it forever.
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SightMax OnDemand - Professionally hosted live chat solution. Low monthly fees.
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SightMax VPS - Live chat hosted on your own Virtual Private Server. The power of a dedicated Windows 2003 server at a fraction of the cost.
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SightMax Live Chat features
  • Multiple Chats
  • Instant Messaging Between Agents
  • Typing Indicator
  • Email Signature
  • Spell Check
  • Co-Browse
  • Live "Who's On" Monitoring
  • Page Details / Search Engine Keyword
  • Live Coaching
  • Transfer Chats
  • Pop-Up Windows and Sound Notifications
  • Hidden Departments
  • Lingering (Archived) Chats

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Client Experience

.Net E-Commerce Hosted Client -
America's #1 Medical Equipment & Supply Superstore
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Wood & Metalworking Tools
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Kites, Toys & Trinkets
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Security Center

Checking out? SSL security for your customer's private information is not an option to consider with ecommerce. It is necessary. More information